Hello! My name is Samuel Hepner. I graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a degree in Mathematics in June 2019.
After graduation, I decided to begin my adventure towards becoming a data scientist. With the help of my brother, I found Lambda School and, after looking into it for a couple months, I applied to the Data Science track.

You might be thinking, “What is Lambda School?”

Lambda School is a 9+ month computer science & software engineering program that provides an immersive hands-on curriculum with a track focused on Data Science. Students in this track will:
• Develop a solid foundation of descriptive and predictive statistics, including: linear algebra, linear regression, hypothesis testing, storytelling with data and more.
• Gain hands-on experience engaging with machine learning, being able to understand unsupervised learning, natural language and neural networks.
• Complete a deep dive into Data Engineering, working with databases, productization and big data.
• Serve as a data scientist on a ready to deploy project, working alongside UX designers, web developers, and mobile developers to bring the project to fruition.